In terms of postharvest losses, estimates generated over the last five years (around 33%) are remarkably consistent with those of the 1960s, when the new discipline of quantifying postharvest losses burst into existence with its shocking statistics. The shameful levels…

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All Postharvest Roads ….. Learning # 1

At the beginning of October, I went to Rome – the place where you and I both know that all roads converge. The postharvest team at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign had organised a three day meeting there that brought…

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Postharvest – A planetary perspective

Over the past five decades, we’ve made approximately zero progress on reducing the shocking levels of loss in our postharvest / food care system uncovered in the 1960s. Now, as the signs that the planet we call home continues to…

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Food loss - lemons

Creating Clarity on Food Loss and Food Waste

I sensed a certain frustration in Charles Wilson’s opening comments on a newly released report (“Food Losses and Waste in the Context of Sustainable Food Systems”, produced by a High Level Panel of Experts; copy available here) in his recent guest…

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forum in the shade of a tree

Postharvest Forum: A Tree is Planted!

Back in August last year, something normal happened and it has been the start of something remarkable …. Denis Twinamatsiko dropped me a note on Linkedin last year inviting me to connect and, in common with every enquiry from someone…

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frog with purpose mind map - 2 - 1140 x 700

Postharvesters’ purpose: a first cut for your review

Well, how wrong can I get? I was expecting just to sit down this week and use some of the pile of newly published data to work out a little more carefully the contribution of failures in current postharvest systems…

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small green planet

Purpose – why postharvest?

On a recent trip to Thailand, I ended up with a couple of days of waiting for a flight for which the waitlist had not cleared. I was comfortably esconced at the Mekong Institute (Kon Khaen University Campus) with a…

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Sustainability of the global ecosystem: an Ultimate Purpose for Postharvesters and Postharvest Technology

In this post, I am going to open a process that will set the stage for a monster recasting of the framework in which postharvest technologies can be seen to hold their value for the future of the world and…

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Life’s most awesome eating experiences

We all have memories of a truly spectacular experience of eating fresh produce. As the piquant juice of the peach (or whatever) bursts between our teeth and explodes upon our taste buds, the hairs on our arms stand on end…

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Postharvesters alert

For those of you who have been to the website before, you’ll have spotted that it’s looking a tad different. We’ve been thinking and we’ve redesigned the site to create spaces that will accommodate a host of new tools…

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