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    Hi all,

    Currently I am doing research on Asia leafy vegetables storage at elevated temperature. I have been storing them at in the flow though system with ethylene background. I used very high flow rate about 1 litre per min but I could not use the same flow rate for CA work. It has been concerned about the safety of the nitrogen level.
    I have been reading some papers regarding to this set up but there was not specific flow rate was mention. Only the clue of flow rate kept the atmosphere less than 0.5% carbon dioxide.

    Hope to get some of you contribution soon.



    Nigel Banks

    Hello Thida – please accept my apologies – I am not sure how I missed the notification email about your post!

    From an academic point of view – the first thing to tackle is to quantify the extent of modification of the atmosphere in your system by the product that is likely. We can get to this a couple of ways – 1) weight of product per channel * published or measured respiration rate at your selected temperature, all adjusted for flow rate or 2) assuming all other things are equal, what was the difference in atmosphere composition between the in and out streams for the channels in your system

    From a commercial point of view – are you looking to demonstrate that MA for elevated temperature storage of leafy greens is not commercially viable? (I would expect this approach to be a longshot). You might like to draw up a simple quantitative model of likely relative impact of modified atmospheres and temperatures on respiration rate and then a conceptual model of the other risks and costs of implementing MA at elevated temperatures – I would put my money (not that I’m a betting person!) on you concluding that investing in managing temperature is a much more robust strategy than elevated temperature MA (including CA). If you’d like a hand with developing this line of though, just drop me a note here and we can tackle it together


    Nigel :-)



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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