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The world needs more post harvesters! Do you want to enable change in the world’s food supply system?

Start lifting your skills as a postharvester, or a postharvest leader, today.

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We’re embarking on bringing you a new approach to postharvest learning – one so VISUAL that you’ll just become absorbed in hungrily exploring materials and forget that you’re learning at all – you’ll just get to the end and discover that you know new stuff!

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Join PLP Beta
We’re opening The Postharvest Learning Program over the next few weeks on a limited basis – the PLP Beta!

Our goal is to develop the Postharvest Learning Program as a long-term platform that will deliver better and better learning experiences to users. And we want to engage early adopters to help us shape this platform by participating and giving us feedback.

So we’re opening up the program while it is still raw, shapeable and fresh. Our first, limited introduction will:
  • Provide you with action frameworks for delivering better fresh produce through authoritative, bite-sized resources
  • Be completely free to our beta testers (first 20 participants only)
  • Get underway on or soon after 1 June 2014, when 20 participants have joined up – we will update you on progress.
Join PLP Beta

Enquire about face to face courses Working as part of team? Organise a face to face encounter with Nigel who will deliver a course with an entire framework for action for your team with your chosen crop(s).