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May 26, 2013

For those of you who have been to the website before, you’ll have spotted that it’s looking a tad different. We’ve been thinking and we’ve redesigned the site to create spaces that will accommodate a host of new tools for you to interact with us.

We are looking forward to a world in which consumers and growers are ever increasingly grateful to each other and to the supply systems that connect them. In this new place, food will be an ever more effective connector for what is important to the peoples of the world.

This new vision makes defining the role of the “about to be supported” community totally straightforward: we are in the business of postharvest awesome! Whatever connections, tools, knowledge and information it takes for:

  • Fresh produce of incredible intrinsic value to be available to the world’s consumers – these are matters of pride!
  • Growers of fresh produce to have their stories appreciated and their livelihoods enhanced – these are matters of joy!
  • Postharvesters to feel supported, facilitated and appreciated – these are matters of hope!

Together, these contributions constitute postharvest awesome – simple, challenging, a mission we are excited by and hoping that you might be inspired to join us with.

To date, the site has been a great brochure for the business and a place for potential clients to make contact. Our focus has been highly specific – on a limited number of business clients with a particular, one on one, kind of business interaction. Our business model to date has been about delivering focused benefits for these client businesses.

We believe the time is right for to add a complementary approach – one that:

  • Involves the website itself as a locus for business activity
  • Has much more direct and ongoing connection with individual postharvesters, consumers and growers
  • Facilitates connection throughout the global postharvest community
  • Makes more readily available the amazing diversity of postharvest knowledge that could be so valuable when applied in different food supply systems.

In short, we are focused on developing an approach that delivers postharvest awesome!

Our ambitious goal is to serve:

  • Professional postharvesters
  • Those learning with a view to becoming professional postharvesters
  • The rest of us interested in how, armed with postharvest knowledge, we can improve the quality of the food we eat and that we serve up to friends.

Along the way, we’ll explore a host of practical and philosophical issues postharvest – for example, a little further downstream, we’ll explore how postharvest awesome will  help all of us reduce our contribution to global warming to an extent that may surprise you.

Postharvesters all have potential to make a contribution to creating a better world. has committed itself to tackling this opportunity through delivering a new range of information products that it is uniquely positioned to develop – starting with the community.

We’d love to strike up conversation with you in the pursuit of a better world fuelled by postharvest knowledge. All you have to do to become involved / remain informed is to join us.

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