Expert witness: 2006 – present

Postharvest.Co has acted as expert witness in cases of postharvest losses of horticultural produce for clients including Agricultural Loss Management Limited, Air New Zealand, EastPack Limited, Flinders Cook Limited, Kairanga and Tigley Trusts and is retained to act in similar capacity by Zespri International Limited.

Zespri International: 2009 – present

Postharvest.Co is retained by Zespri International to undertake projects on fruit storage and quality assessment, e-learning and to act as expert witness in cases of fruit loss.

Bay Ginkgo New Zealand: 2010 – present

Postharvest.Co has worked with Bay Ginkgo New Zealand to develop technologies for storing NZ-grown ginkgo nuts so that they can be delivered into lucrative Asian markets

FreshLearn: 2012 – present

Postharvest.Co is sub-contracted by FreshLearn to develop new technologies for the postharvest handling system for a significant New Zealand horticultural export crop.

Elsevier: 2013 – present

Postharvest.Co is contracted to prepare the opening chapter for the upcoming third edition of “Postharvest handling – A systems perspective”.

Innovative Food Systems Corporation: 2013 – present

Postharvest.Co is contracted to undertake trial work required to introduce a new packaging system into the New Zealand horticultural industry.

KMUTT: 2012

Postharvest.Co prepared a short strategic plan for the Postharvest team at King Mongkutt’s University of Technology, Thonburi in Bangkok, Thailand.

KVH Guidelines: 2011

Postharvest.Co worked with KVH to develop and deliver Guidelines for harvest and handling of budwood, guidelines and an audit standard for pollen harvest and handling and an online calculator for assessing relative Psa-v-risk of alternative sources of pollen.

Apata Inventory Manager: 2007 – 2011

Postharvest.Co worked with Apata to develop AIM – Apata Inventory Manager – a system to support superior postharvest handling through enhanced ability to prioritise loading out of fruit in accordance with their intrinsic storage potential.

Kiwi Pollen: 2010 – 2011

Postharvest.Co’s work with Kiwipollen involved developing technologies for maximising quality of stored male kiwifruit pollen

New Zealand Fruit Industries Collective: 2008 – 2011

Postharvest.Co worked with a team that has since become “FreshLearn” to deliver a horticultural information portal that provides readily usable tools and information (both generic and sector-confidential) to the Collective’s stakeholders (Zespri International, New Zealand Wine, Avocado Industry Council, Agribusiness Training, RuralTech and MAF’s Sustainable Farming Fund).

Humboldt University, Berlin: 2010

Postharvest.Co delivered an evaluation of the DOCUMAP project, undertaken by a collaborative of seven European and Asian universities. Its purpose was to establish a robust network of European and Asian partner universities and industry that can sustainably support best-practice education, training, research and commercial operations in food supply chain management.

Jenkins Labels: 2007 – 2009

Postharvest.Co delivered model-based calculators for Jenkins’ flagship programme on RipeSense fruit-ripeness indicator labels.

Timbercorp: 2007 – 2008

Postharvest.Co prepared and delivered a system for developing, prioritising and managing an innovation portfolio for Timbercorp.